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Review of Thomas Neyhart at PosiGen

Electricity bills can take their toll on a homeowner, especially when there are faulty home appliances. Posigen, a solar energy organization, allows homeowners to manage their energy bills with their impressive range of solar energy equipment. Led by Thomas Neyhart, Posigen’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible energy to moderate-income communities. 


Posigen leadership


Posigen’s team comprises highly specialized engineers knowledgeable about different solar energy aspects and their untapped potential. Thomas Neyhart is the company’s CEO and has been with the firm for over a decade. Tom’s management experience adds up to over 25 years, during which he has served at multiple firms across different industries. 


Tom has previously served as COO of Utica rentals, a renowned retail brand with over 160 employees and 32 stores spread across different stores. PosiGen CEO has also been a large construction firm partner with over 2500 site specialists. Thomas Neyhart is a respected leader in the construction and renewable energy sectors and has featured in Goldman Sachs’s top 100 intriguing entrepreneurs. 


Why solar energy?


Led by Thomas Neyhart, Posigen solar power firm believes homeowners who upgrade to solar energy benefit by incurring lower energy bills. Solar technology is also cleaner and easier to use than other energy sources (Medium). 


Besides being environmentally sustainable, solar energy contributes to better social and economic outcomes for those involved. Posigen offers a comprehensive energy audit to map out air leaks and energy loss points in your home before installing solar equipment. Thomas Neyhart finally states that energy audit includes combustion unit zone tests, attic evaluations, thermal imaging, door, and window assessment. The audit tests aim to improve your home’s overall value and comfort levels.