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Hughes Marino: A National Industry-Leading Commercial Firm

Hughes Marino has made it its mission to help and mentor first-time entrepreneurs. They achieve this by providing professional guidance and support to anyone looking to start their business or make changes to their business model. Hughes Marino provides regular, actionable training for business owners, consultants, consultants, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. 


Market Research and Consultation 

Numerous internal and external market surveys and studies are conducted at Hughes Marino. Using the insight from these market surveys and studies, the firm can provide a competitive advantage to clients by assisting with the strategy and development of long-term growth opportunities. 



Investors and portfolio managers representing hundreds of millions of dollars across all asset classes consult with the Hughes Marino firm. Hughes Marino provides an entirely separate market segment to other firms, consisting of professional fundraisers, institutional investors, family offices, private equity, venture capital investors, endowments, foundations, and trustees.


Portfolio Management and Advisory Services 

Hughes Marino’s dedicated Advisory Services team provides the best solutions to help property owners plan and execute their portfolio management strategies while helping to ensure properties maintain their value and continue to generate revenue. At Hughes Marino, this includes managing the lease negotiations, identifying potential lease candidates, and negotiating and closing leases. Consulting services include workplace design and transformation, property valuation, property value and profitability analysis, underwriting and construction cost valuation and management, repurposing and adaptive reuse, corporate and industrial sales, leasing, equipment leasing and purchasing, and business consulting. 


Hughes Marino’s workspace strategy process 

At Hughes Marino representation firm, the strategic workspace strategy process begins with an open exchange of ideas between stakeholders to determine how space can be used to meet a specific business objective. Every employee, property manager, developer, and landlord at Hughes Marino firm should have an equal voice at the table and the current occupant of that office space. This approach generates a high level of participation (Glassdoor). 


It encourages ownership and engagement that leads to an understanding of the needs of all stakeholders and creates the foundation for creating a successful office space strategy.


Employee Benefits and Training 

The representation firm offers both individual and group training and development. The Hughes Marino firm has a culture of continual training for all employees to help them achieve personal and professional growth, encouraging individual development while creating a stronger, smarter, more cohesive organization.