New Beginnings for the Beach Hotel after Andrew Lazarus Takes Over

Previously owned by the Bale and Twohill families, the Beach Hotel Merewether located at 99 Frederick Street is now owned by Andrew Lazarus, the renowned Sydney hotelier.

After pursuing the famed Beaches hotel for quite some time, Andrew Lazarus finally owns it and adds it to the list of numerous hotels under his ownership.

As one of the most iconic pubs in Newcastle, the Beach Hotel changed ownership for an undisclosed value of money in the tunes of millions.

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With over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, the Lazarus family has an impressive record of successfully running various hotels.

Through the Eastern Hotels Group, the Lazarus family owns and manages an extensive list of famous hotels in various locations and hopes to find fortunes in managing the Beaches Hotel.

The El Toro Hotel and Motor Inn, Vauxhall Inn, The Exchange Hotel, Shoal Bay Country Club, and the Eastern in Bondi Junction are notable names under the Eastern Hotels Group.

After successfully spearheading the acquisition and renovation of the Shoal Bay Country Club for a cost of 6.5 million dollars, Peter Lazarus takes over the management duties of the Beach Hotel.

The director of the Eastern Hotels Group is a crucial player in the successful management of the group’s chain of hotels.

Its ideal location overlooking breath-taking beaches makes the Beach Hotel a prime property, labeled as a Newcastle Trophy Asset.

The classical brick building remains a popular spot for most locals, with its spacious verandas giving a magnificent view of the Merewether Surf Beach near Newcastle CBD.

As a result of the hotel’s significance to the locals, the Lazarus family hopes to engage architects and the community before deciding whether to refurbish.

After thirty years of attachment to the popular pub, John Twohill, the previous owner, expressed mixed feelings about its sale.

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