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Why Abdulla Al Humaidi Wants to Remain in the Tourism and Entertainment Business

The tourism and entertainment industry are some of the traditional business sectors. These are areas where business investors have been directing their resources, hoping to have consistent control of the industry while generating some income (Thetimes). 


However, there has been a decline in investors exploiting opportunities in this area as people consider taking their resources to the tech sector. However, some of the investors have remained faithful to the tourism and entertainment industry as they believe this is the sector where they can always create wealth and prove that they have what is needed to dominate the entire business world. As the person in charge of Kuwait European Holding Group, Abdulla Al Humaidi believes that this is the most appropriate sector where the company should maintain its investments.


According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the tourism and entertainment industry is currently being vacated. A considerable number of conglomerates that have been dominating the tourism and leisure market are currently moving away to other industries. For Abdulla Al Humaidi, this might be seen as a negative trend in the sector. However, it is worth indicating that some new organizations are getting opportunities to dominate the industry.

Additionally, there is a feeling that the world will stabilize after the pandemic. This means that the majority of the countries around the world will relax their restrictions and thereby open their borders for international travel. Abdulla Al Humaidi believes relaxing COVID-19 measures and opening up the borders will be an essential undertaking that will help to change the effectiveness of the tourism and entertainment sector.