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Rachel Nichols Has Led A Long And Successful Career

Rachel Nichols is a successful figure who works in a male-dominated sector. She is known for her humor and has never been afraid to tackle some of the toughest topics in sports. Sports Illustrated honored her by referring to her as one of the most impactful and prominent female sports journalists in the USA, and the Hollywood Reporter also recently recognized her for her talents as a top voice in the sports world.

Rachel Nichols was recently asked why she chose the career she did, and she commented that she has always loved sports. She thought it would be fun to work in sports sector but knew she wouldn’t be a pro athlete. She later realized she enjoyed attending sports events and that she could see various stories taking place right in front of her when she did.

One of the interviews that stands out the most to Rachel that she took part in was one with Lebron James. She remembers the star athlete from his high school days and recalled interviewing him a year after he made the decision to leave Cleveland and move to Miami. She also remembers talking to Venus and Serena Williams when their careers were very new. Last, but not least, she fondly remembers interviewing Floyd Mayweather and believes that interview did a lot to spread awareness about domestic violence. Go here for additional information.

Rachel Nichols is a sports broadcaster from the USA who has done quite a bit during her career. She worked with The Jump as its host and also worked as a sports reporter and anchor in the past. She has also served with the Washington Post as a reporter as well as the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Nichols is well known for her work with CNN as an anchor as well as her contributions to ESPN as a reporter, host, and contributor to SportsCenter.


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