The Science & Creativity of David Schmidt

David Schmidt’s LifeWave is a magnetic device company.

Magnetic devices are said to offer many benefits like reduced stress, improved cognitive ability, pain relief, and increased energy.

There are dozens of companies selling magnetic devices like bracelets for example that say they have the power to offer you these benefits.

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One of those companies is Schmidt’s LifeWave.

The company was started by David Schmidt, who has a background in science and engineering.

He holds several patents including US Patent 5,686,732 for a wearable magnetic device that uses magnets to increase mental acuity.

The Science Behind Magnetics idea behind LifeWave products is that magnetic energy has the power to affect life force energy within your body.

It is based upon the concept of biomagnetism which states that all living things emit an electromagnetic field.

LifeWave claims to act as a frequency regulator.

The frequencies needed at any given time depend upon the chemical and electrical reactions that take place within your body.

For example, if you are exercising then the energy demand rises because this increased activity requires more oxygen which produces excess carbon dioxide.

This means that there is an increased chemical reaction in the body which creates more activity.

When magnets are placed over acupuncture points, energy meridians, or chakra points in the body this can help to regulate your biomagnetic field.

The idea is that when all your frequencies are functioning in harmony and at their optimum levels then you will feel happy and energetic throughout the day.

LifeWave products are not entirely based upon science though, instead, the company suggests that magnets have the power to offer you energy which can help to fight fatigue and increase your overall performance.

The magnetic devices are designed for users of all ages who want to improve their health, concentration levels, and memory.

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