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The Latest Invention to Improve Customer Service by Ombori

The possibility of having an interactive customer experience is now a reality thanks to Ombori, a tech company. They are the creators of a talking mirror, one of a wide range of interactive point-of-purchase technologies. According to the founder Andreas Hassellof, they aim to ensure retail tech is user-friendly and benefits retail owners. The invention uses big screens to grab customers’ attention, becoming an ideal catalyst to spark a customer-retailer relationship. With a reliable customer management system, retailers can streamline processes to enhance staffing efficiency. New ways customers are connecting with retailers..

The talking mirror

The talking mirror is displayed in front of a retail stall and sits in a sleeping mode. It only becomes alive when it senses movement or a long prospect stare. The mirror asks for permission to take selfies and gives customers a countdown to prepare while providing a “magazine cover” framing. A high percentage have downloaded selfies. This has increased the store’s awareness on social platforms since its logo is on selfies. The store develops a standing relationship with customers subscribing to its newsletter.

A virtual shopping assistant

Dufry AG, a travel retailer, has successfully tested Ombori virtual shopping assistant. Shoppers activate the shopping assistant by scanning their boarding passes. Travelers using the shopping assistant can access preferred items easily, maximize their shopping time, and know their flight status. Voice features attract customer attention.

Interactive window display

According to Andreas Hassellof, screens immensely attract customers’ attention and have steered another retail invention by Ombori, the interactive window display. Potential prospects can communicate with the screen to learn more about a store’s products and make purchases without entering them. The screens operate 24/7, which is an advantage for the stores.

Andreas Hassellof says these retail inventions are likely to disrupt online and brick-and-mortar shopping as they provide practical solutions to evolving customer demand.