Legendary Innovator, Greg Blatt

What does it take to make a legend? Maybe someone like Greg Blatt. He’s the CEO of Tinder, Match Group, and OkCupid. Blatt has made his fortune in online dating; he knows what he is doing. Here are some tips from this legendary innovator on how you can improve your conversion rates!

  1. Embrace new technology.

Greg has worked at many different dating sites before creating Tinder and OkCupid, so he knows what he is talking about. He also launched video profiles on OkCupid, which increased their conversion rate by 30%. Now that is impressive! As an online dater, you should not be afraid of embracing new technologies, as this leads to increased success.

  1. Ask yourself: What does my customer need?

You know Greg Blatt is a legend, and this comes from asking himself what made online dating so appealing to people and creating services and apps that cater to their needs. This is also why he was able to improve his conversion rates by 30%. So if you want your service to be a success, you should ask yourself what your customer needs and give it to them.

  1. Use data to track your progress.

As any good marketer knows, the only way to know if something works is by testing it out and seeing what happens! This means that instead of just guessing what will increase your conversion rates, you should track it and analyze the data. And if a certain tactic doesn’t work in the end, try something else! Go to this page for more information.

As you can see, this man has made his fortune by revolutionizing online dating. But he didn’t do it alone; Match Group still continues to embrace new technologies and ask themselves what their customer needs. So if you want your business to be a success, remember what Greg Blatt is doing and you will see your conversion rates skyrocket in no time!


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