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Miki Agrawal and her Advice to Startups

Miki Agrawal is among the influential female business leaders that exist. Her social entrepreneurial skills were shaped from an early age when her entrepreneurial odyssey education at a conventional business school. Miki Agrawal commenced her career as an investment bank analyst in New York. However, the 9/11 events made her realize that she was made for more and made a switch in her career. Miki joined the professional soccer world but later moved to video producer after sustaining sports injuries that limited her soccer profession.

Miki then founded WILD Gluten-free Pizza Restaurant after noticing the unhealthy on-set meals they were on and the business we a success. In 2008, she again founded Thinx Period Underwear Solution from the dissatisfaction she had with the menstrual products in the market. To provide better toiletry solutions, she also designed Tushy, high-performance toilet papers that are environmentally friendly. Miki Agrawal has been known to create waves with her ventures. It is for this reason that she decided to give other entrepreneurs how to bud their investments.

Miki Agrawal appreciates the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on small business startups. The pandemic has resulted in lots of startups since entrepreneurs had time to think and come up with innovative business ideas during this time. The problem has been identifying ways of actualizing their ideas. Miki understands the struggles startups have and advises on having a successful business using her “Zero to $100 Million” Program.

Miki explains that to have a well-received product by the target market, one has to portray authenticity. As such, one is bound to experience a higher conversion rate. The business should also have marketing strategies that relay the business story and one that people can relate to. The marketing should be in line with the company’s mission and vision. Besides, startup companies should look for investors to get the appropriate funding for the business.

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