CEO, Medical Innovation

The Medical Industry is Notoriously Inefficient. Can Eric Lefkofsky Heal It?

After a frustrating experience with the medical industry, and its less than spectacular performance with the Covid 19 outbreak, Eric Lefkofsky appears to have made it his personal goal to revolutionize medical research. His company, Tempus, has made some game changing improvements to the data management abilities of the medical industry. In January of 2021, Tempus released Tempus One: a voice enabled AI device that allows physicians to access the company’s extensive database on the run. 


Essentially a medical Alexa, ONE uses GOOGLE Cloud technology to free doctors from their computers and spend more time with patients. The technology uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to increase understanding of tumor development. While initially aimed at oncologists, Eric Lefkofsky explains that TEMPUS is rapidly expanding One’s data access to other fields, including cardiology, diabetes, and infectious diseases. Then in May of 2021, Tempus released LENS: A 35 Petabyte database which includes state of the art AI analytical tools.

The goal being the acceleration of drug development. To this end, Tempus has partnered with several biopharma companies to develop biomarker driven trials. By combining Tempus’ analytical tools with the database, researchers can save time and money, using only data they need when they need it. Eric Lefkofsky has stated that it is part of his life mission to “…eradicate cancer and other horrific diseases…”. With financing of Tempus at over $1 Billion so far, and a corporate valuation in excess of $8 Billion, this mission appears to be within reach. 

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