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The Right Man For the Job: Alejandro Betancourt

Some businesses in the world today need a bit of a helping hand. A company that makes sunglasses called Hawkers was no exception. They were a successful company, but something was holding them back from breaking into the big time. This is when an angel investor came into the picture and his name is Alejandro Betancourt. He was the man with a plan and the right person to help the company get to the elite level. Here is a little more on what happened.

Alejandro Betancourt took a look at the company and decided to take a chance. It was not an easy decision, but he liked the challenge. The problem with Hawkers was that costs had taken a toll on the company’s growth. This was where the new strategy came into play. It was a strictly online campaign and word of mouth. This was the perfect way to reach a wider fan base and talk about the quality of the sunglasses.

Alejandro Betancourt had the influence to make a couple of great deals and get the company going again. Then he was able to have a significant stake in the company and make the necessary changes in order for the company to flourish. Now the company has launched itself into the best of the best category. This is all due to the vision of Alejandro Betancourt.

He was the right man for the job at exactly the right time. He saw the potential of the company and made it into a reality. He had a plan in mind and executed it to perfection. hawkers went from almost out of business to the top of the fashion world. Now Alejandro Betancourt can look at this company and be proud of his achievements. He had found a diamond in the rough. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.