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David Azzato – Entrepreneur/Investor for London and UK

David Azzato provides insight and advice throughout London and the UK. Business can be hard, especially in these troubling times, but what David has to say is enlightening. Let’s take a look at some of the business advice that you can apply now.

Cultivate Optimism

David Azzato suggests that some people see optimism differently than others. For example, it can be interpreted as naivete that blinds the individual to the realities of the situation at hand, particularly when challenges – such as what’s going on right now in business, are present. He suggests an entrepreneur be realistic and honest with the circumstances at hand. An optimist, in this word, will choose to look beyond the circumstance and find a way through them. He suggests that a pessimist will look for the “can not’s” as an optimist will look for the “hows”. Don’t let difficulties confront your resolve as an entrepreneur. Optimism gives you the energy to look for opportunities anywhere.

Managing time

With time, an entrepreneur can manifest creativity and ingenuity into bringing an idea alive. You need to take a look at how you’re spending your time. What benefits are working on things later, or other projects sooner? Make sure you’re putting your time into the right avenues and not into things such as non-essential tasks. Remember, sometimes certain things you’re getting done aren’t necessary to the work at hand. You need to assess these situations and work on the right things, at the right time.

Finding adventure in your job

You have to keep things on the up and up. Not every moment can be like the first time that you got the idea up and running, but there is always an adventure in the climb. Things will always need to be done and reestablished. According to David Azzato, the entrepreneur mindset is one of innovation, challenge, and discovery. There are always exciting days to come even though it may not feel like it after those first moments. Try new things and inspire your team members to do those same things. With any luck, you’ll come together fresh and new for the next step in the adventure!

Radically change one thing

David Azzato wants to suggest that if nothing else, radically change one thing in your work. You need to keep risk and discomfort prevalent in your work, so radically change one thing. He suggests perhaps banish meetings for a week, or add an extra half hour to lunches. Something new and different can keep the fires burning and the entrepreneurial spirit engaged.

No matter what – keep going. Even though a business can look bleak at times, there is always change. And there is always change for the better.