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A Brief Review About Online Trading Academy and Professor Peter Swan

Online Trading Academy has served more than 80,000 students with impeccable investing and trading techniques that span more than 20 years. The institution has specialized in the research-educated segment for retail investors and investors launched by the Online Trading Academy Research Center. Their primary focus is to curate diverse research sources that help people understand trading concepts. A research study conducted by Torrence Odean and Brand Barber illustrates the individual behavior of investors and traders on matters associated with the online trading concept.

The study showed that most retail investors and traders significantly lose a dime in their risk trading and investing affairs. Mike Richardson, the Online Trading Academy President, seconded that incredible study during the GameStop government’s announcements. Recently, Joakim Westerholm, Wei Lu, and Peter Swan conducted another study showcasing the differences between Delegated Money Managers and Household Investors trading performance capabilities. The research methodology showed a significant difference between these two people’s dime studies. However, it puzzled him because the research lacked outstanding features, so he struck a deal with Peter Swan.

Professor Peter Swan and his colleagues utilized a different research study referred to as the Holding-Period Invariant methodology to prevent convectional biases related to Calendar Time methodology. It showed differences in how households perform worse than their counterparts’ institutions based on the Calendar Time methodology.

According to the Holding-Period Invariants research study, the households perform impressively compared to the institutions. Professor Peter Swan added that the Calendar Time research methodology had misled the entire globe over 40 years. That has negatively impacted how the investors and traders acted upon matters regarding investing and trading.

It guaranteed the investors‘ returns over some specified period like the week, day, or month. However, the reality differs from traders who decide to invest or quit the investment based on the purchase and sales costs perspective.

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