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Alejandro Betancourt story in the creation of a perfect eyewear company

When a company has humble backgrounds, it is easy for people in the society to make negative comments about its success. The market challenges are not meant for companies without good capital and proper management. Before a modern platform can celebrate even the simple profits, the founders have to work themselves for many months.

The excellent story of an eyewear organization from Spain can make anyone start a company. Hawkers began in the simplest way. Two very talented brothers looked for two other friends to create a business. The brothers had a secondhand business already running, so it was easy to convince their friends to join in the business.

The first business did not end well for the young men, prompting them to start looking for new opportunities. The process of transitioning from the old business and looking for a new selling commodity is what created Hawkers.

The small team began the journey to look for products that would increase sells and take the name of the business higher. The team ended up selecting sunglasses after one of them travelled to abroad. Alejandro Betancourt would later become part of this team.

Sunglasses were identified as the most essential product for the Spain population when the team began to identify a product to work with. The products, however, were being resold because the brothers did not know how to make the ideal eyewear. Alejandro Betancourt transformed this reselling culture when he joined the facility as an angel investor.

With the first investment of fifty million dollars, Alejandro Betancourt began the manufacturing process for the brand. The previous management lacked resources for the manufacturing process. When Alejandro Betancourt brought the capital, this brand moved to the top very fast. The billionaire angel investor avoided overcharging clients who wanted to use this brand of eyewear products, attracting very many individuals.

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