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Alejandro Betancourt, the man behind Hawkers success

The journey to creating the most successful eyewear products started in 2013 for Hawkers. This Spanish online firm began under the leadership of four friends who considered themselves to be brothers.

After knowing each other from their university years, these friends knew they could create a small venture and grow their businesses and they specialized in other careers. Without an offline store to help in distribution and selling of the products, the friends opted to work with the limited resources they had at their disposal.

At the university, the team had been trained about technology, and this meant they knew how to operate a business even without a store. The consumer would make orders online, then the team would deliver the secondhand products in time. Dealing with secondhand products was not very profitable when this company began. The losses made motivated the team to rebrand instead of closing their online business.

Moving to eyewear products was the second idea. This happened when one of the four brothers moved from Spain to the United States for a short visit. While he was going back to his home in Spain, the businessman purchased some unique sunglasses to show to his brothers. The brothers decided to try selling the imported sunglasses to the young individuals living in Spain.

Three hundred dollars might seem to be a very little amount of money, but it is what led to the creation of Hawkers. The fashion brand has a very long history after the start. Hawkers flourished and grew in large numbers at the start of 2016. This was after an angel investor by the name Alejandro Betancourt came to assist with the massive growth.

Alejandro Betancourt was already an expert in handling businesses going into international levels. Alejandro Betancourt calculated the move to join this eyewear company so well because this was his first fashion business. Everything concerning this eyewear company was perfect in the eyes of Alejandro Betancourt, and he started to work with the facility. Follow Alejandro Betancourt at Twitter: twitter.com/betancalejandro?lang=en