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Alejandro Betancourt and Hawkers Keep Moving Forward In The Right Direction

Four friends gave the company Hawkers its start in 2013. Students at a university in Spain, Alex, David Moreno, Pablo Sanchez, Iñaki Soriano maintain their mission for their new company: They wanted sunglasses to be affordable and of high quality to everyone. Fast forward 2016, the new company was estimated worth 60 million dollars and had the reputation of being the largest sunglasses company globally.

Unfortunately, the new company suffered from problems. Even though the company had started with a low investment of only $300 and was worth much more, troubles began to arise after only a few years. Because of these problems, the chances of the sunglasses company closing and going out of business became more likely until Alejandro Betancourt stepped into the picture.

Alejandro Betancourt already had his own company, which he named O’Hara Administration. The O’Hara Administration brought leverage that Hawkers needed if the company was going to stay in business. Alejandro Betancourt started quickly and steered the company towards a more profitable destination.

The creators of the sunglasses business needed to compete with better-known names like Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Prada. Those businesses sold sunglasses at a higher price, but these new sunglasses company had something those other companies didn’t have, though. They sold similar quality items but at a much lower price. Their product was even made in the same place as the more expensive brands.

After Alejandro Betancourt’s infusion of 50 million euros, he became the company president. Profits for the business increase in a huge part because of investors. Alejandro Betancourt made sure Hawkers’ influence spread all over Spain and then across the world to Europe, Asia, and even North America. By 2018, Betancourt had magnified his investments to 20 million euros more, which now gave him 50% of the company.

Betancourt’s successful leadership role is similar to the way Hawkers ran its business operation. He believed in moving his team forward and told them to never stop trying, even when they fall. The important thing is to always keep standing back up.

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