Wes Edens Committed To Keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee

According to sports history (1985), Herb Kohl, a Milwaukee businessman and future U.S. senator, purchased the Milwaukee Bucks. During this time, the Bucks enjoyed being in the middle of one of their best periods in history. In 2003, Kohl thought about selling the team to Michael Jordan but changed his mind and decided to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.


During the first five years under Kohl’s ownership, the Milwaukee Bucks had five winning seasons. As the 1991-92 season came around, this started to change. The outstanding teams from the ’80s fell by the wayside. 


Moses Malone was the Bucks’ leading scorer at age 36, with only 15.6 points per game. The Bucks were some of the poorest performers in the NBA. Kohl’s popularity hinged partly on the competitive factor that the team adopted. Money was spent on free agents and draft picks to gain players, something that is not ordinary from a rebuilding team.


After making the 2001 conference finals, the Bucks would not return for 18 years. During this time, Allen was traded to Seattle For Desmond Mason. This ended the “Big Three” era. Also, at this time, Jordan wanted in on the ownership of the game. Although Kohl made conditions to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee for Jordan, the sale never took place.


Herb Kohl made sure to keep this team in Wisconsin. 

Kohl indicated that he couldn’t do it even if someone offered $5 billion. No one could offer a price that would be enough for him to tell Milwaukee and Wisconsin that he was taking a lot of money and goodbye.

Kohl’s condition of keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee finally came to pass when he sold the team to a group led by Marc Lasry and Wes Edens. Despite never seeing a Bucks championship while owner, many fans are thankful that he sold the team to Wes Edens. Wes Edens continues to keep the team in Milwaukee.