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Journalist Denyer Simon

Along with his journalistic work, Denyer is the author of Rogue Elephant: hunting for the elephants who went missing on Africa’s frontier, set in the same region as his journalistic work.

Some of his work has appeared in print and online outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, and Al-Jazeera English, among other publications. In appreciation of his efforts to draw attention to the illicit ivory trade in Asia, he was chosen the Australian of the Year in 2000 to bring attention to the illegal ivory trade in Asia.

Simon Denyer other accomplishments include being the author of The Great Wall Journeys Through China and contributing to various publications, such as the Financial Times, The Washington Post, and The Economist.

Simon Denyer is originally from Sidney. However, he grew up in and around the Wollongong region. Simon Denyer graduated with a law degree from Canberra and held a Diploma in Information Technology from the same institution.

Denyer is currently based in Sydney, Australia, as an investigative reporter for ABC News. He is the author of Rogue Elephant and has previously worked as a correspondent for The Washington Post. He has also written several other works of fiction.

Denyer’s findings, gleaned from his investigation into international ivory trafficking in China, played a role in President Xi Jinping’s pronouncement of an ivory ban in 2017.

The embargo was implemented to end the illegal ivory trade in China, which was having a terrible impact on the population of African elephants. The remark was made on the first day of Xi Jinping’s official visit to the United States, on Monday. Simon Denyer’s: Twitter.