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Rachel Nichol, An Ace Sports Reporter

Rachel Nichols is intelligent, funny, and not afraid to approach interviewees with difficult questions. Rachel Nichols made her career choice because she wanted her work to be fun and sports would be fun. Her talent and skill allowed her to rise from a journalist for the Washington Post to ESPN, then to CNN, and back to ESPN.

Rachel Nichols broke into Television as the Washington Capitals hockey reporter, making a cable segment before each game. She enjoys Television for its immediacy.

She recounts that she interviewed LeBron James when he was 17 years old in high school and interviewed him again at 32 years of age. She considers this an outstanding event of her reporting career. She feels LeBron James is the finest NBA player.

Ms. Nichols talked about her discussion with James when he came out of his shell after losing the NBA Finals. She interviewed Serena and Venus Williams in their early careers. She feels her interview with Floyd Mayweather concerning domestic violence was important. Research prepared her for that interview. She risked losing Mr. Mayweather because of the hard questions she asked.

Rachel Nichols says she finds it easier to get responses if she asks questions to get the truth and not grandstanding.

She was once swept off a box by winds up to 70 MPH during a live broadcast in Buffalo, NY.

One of her most challenging times on live Television was discovering Craig Sager had died two minutes before going on air. She looked up to Craig Sager and was upset.

She prepares for her daily talk show by watching lots of sports games and, sometimes, at live sports events talking to the players. She writes a monologue that is upbeat and interesting and understands what will catch her audience’s attention.

She has six-year-old twins and hopes that they will be able to have careers that will bring them as much happiness as she has in her career. Basketball influences America right now. Sports is the one area that is consistent over time. Refer to this article for related information.


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