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Cloud Inventory

For most businesses, supply chain efficiency is an important focus. However, without a comprehensive solution for inventory management, it can be difficult to maintain the right products in the right quantities with the right barcodes on hand. DSI Global has released its newest version of Cloud Inventory as a central tool that lets you manage every detail of your inventory across multiple channels.

With Cloud Inventory, companies can manage all their inventory from a central location. This gives them more visibility into their supply chain and lets them respond faster to orders, reduce the amount of stock they keep on hand and eliminate the need to waste time with spreadsheets. It also offers several other benefits:

Simplified processes: Allows you to combine inventories with multiple sales channels—including eCommerce websites, warehouses and other areas—and then synchronize all inventory across every channel in real-time. Plus, companies can streamline their processes and make even more accurate estimates with the ability to search for individual items.

Easier sharing: Allows companies to share inventory with other organization members via secure links and integrate directly into existing systems like ERP. This makes sharing information more seamless, increasing efficiency by allowing items to be shared without having to store copies of the same data in multiple places.

Easy access: Also allows companies to make all their information available via smartphones or tablets. This makes it easier for employees to have access to up-to-date inventory data and enables managers and other executives to view their inventories at any time, from anywhere.

These features can help companies streamline inventory processes and confidently make real-time decisions. For example, suppose you’re in the retail business. In that case, you might use the system to sync your inventory with multiple sales channels, use it to search for specific items and share your inventory data with other team members. If you’re in manufacturing, you might use Cloud Inventory to streamline your processes and collaborate on projects across your organization.

This inventory management solution provides the tools necessary to make your supply chain more efficient, whatever industry you’re in. See this page for related information.


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