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Zilch Shows You How to Nail Your Financial Goals

Zilch, a Buy Now Pay Later provider, was founded by Joe and Tim in 2017 to help their customers buy what they want today, pay later and interest-free. The company has funding of 33 million pounds and has partnered with over 250 retailers. It is a financial technology startup designed to help people smooth out their cash flow each month. They offer short-term loans in real time for a flat fee of 50 pence per day for eligible consumers 18 years or older.

Zilch is a buy-now, pay-later payment option that lets shoppers choose between interest free payments or flexible weekly and monthly payments with no added interest. It’s a great option to help people nail their financial goals because it keeps budget discipline front and center while making it easy to pay back on an affordable schedule.

PayZilch is a buy now pay later service to help customers and sellers, including small businesses. PayZilch allows the customer to pay the purchase price out in ten monthly increments. If a customer falls behind or can’t make a payment, PayZilch will contact them to assess affordability before imposing their interest rates of 18-29% APR. Please remember to always shop responsibly.

Zilch’s flexible payment terms make it easy to buy what you need while managing your debt. When you choose the app as your financing option, you’ll never have to pay an interest or a late fee—just pay your balance back in 2, 4, or 6 weeks. There are no hidden fees or credit checks and you will always know exactly what you owe and by when. Zilch makes paying on time simple with text payment reminders and automatic payments if you prefer to schedule ahead. According to a 2017 Mastercard survey, 68% of Brits have no clue how much money they spend on everyday purchases. Of those surveyed, about one-third of respondents admitted that they were clueless about their finances and have no idea what their monthly expenses are.

The company is currently available for people in Canada between 18 to 30. Like a credit card or line of credit, you will be able to borrow funds from Zilch when shopping at merchants that accept the application as a payment option. When shopping on this merchant’s site, customers can make up to 6 monthly purchases and choose from a monthly payment plan.