The story of Dean Omar Branham Shirley

Different law firms specialize in specified lawsuits. One such law firm is the Dean Omar Branham Shirley. The law firm focuses on helping families and workers gain compensation after developing life-threatening conditions at their workplaces. At Dean Omar Branham Shirley they ensure they hold corporates accountable for their actins for causing grievous harm for employees. The law firm boasts of working for the community and providing each individual’s case is well represented. 

 The law firm has qualified attorneys ready to listen to individuals’ cases, and the best thing is that the firm offers free consultations before representing cases before a court of law. Dean Omar Branham Shirley believes in providing a safe working space for their workers. The law firm is involved in different cases such as catastrophic injury. It usually happens when an individual is hurt or dies due to an accident either at the workplace or any other place. When the caregiver approaches the law firm, they can decide on the best course of action. Once the law firm conducts an investigation then, you do not need to worry about the legal feels.

 At Dean Omar Branham Shirley, clients pay a contingency fee, a percentage of the compensation earned as agreed by the two parties. The agreement means that if there is no financial recovery, the lawyers do not get any compensation. The litigation process of the law firm ensures that corporates adhere to safe working practices. The law firm is currently in two locations. The attorneys and other supporting staff team are ready to help the clients whenever they visit or give them a call.