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 Vijay Eswaran: A Long Career Journeys that Eventually Yielded Tremendous Success

If there’s someone in this world who deserves all kinds of praises, then it’s Vijay Eswaran. Hailing from Malaysia and being born to parents with no solid financial foundation, Mr. Eswaran went against many forces to become one of the most renowned businessmen and philanthropists in the world. The billionaire businessman and author experienced some of the most daring financial challenges in his early life.

Vijay Eswaran didn’t study in his country, Malaysia, but traveled several miles away to the UK to get a decent education. However, having come from a family with a humble financial background, moving to the United Kingdom didn’t mark the end of his problems. Vijay continued with the struggle of raising cash for upkeep and funding his studies.

The Asian entrepreneur has got something that only a few other leaders have. Eswaran is an excellent thinker and a multi-talented person who did everything possible to see the light. To ensure he had money to pay for his needs, Vijay had no other choice but to venture into the Taxi business. As a driver, the renowned present-day philanthropist took passengers to different London destinations and survived until he finished his higher education.

After that, Mr. Eswaran embarked on a series of journeys visiting various destinations in Europe. In 1985, the Malaysian businessman studied binary system marketing on returning to the UK, seeing him get the CIMA professional qualification. Vijay Eswaran then proceeded to the US in 1986 and undertook his MBA at Southern Illinois University. After completing his postgraduate studies, the renowned philanthropist worked at a North American IBM subsidiary and then began his journey back to Asia.

Some Vijay’s Achievements

One of Vijay’s most significant steps was founding the QI Group in 1998 after returning home from the US. QI is a group of investment companies with a presence covering at least 30 different states. Since its inception, Mr. Eswaran has always run QI Group with a remarkable work ethic and professionalism. As a result, the organization benefits the members and local communities in various areas of its operation.

It’s crucial to note that the founding of the QI Group marked the beginning of Vijay Eswaran’s business career. Besides the group, the Malaysian also founded RYTHM Foundation, an organization championing community development and gender equality. Today, Vijay is a great philanthropist and author who has written many life-changing books.

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