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Insights Into The Origins And Success Of IM Academy

If you have been researching taking forex trading classes online, you have likely come across IM Academy getting recommended to you or others like you. This should not be surprising to you as the platform has established itself as the premier provider of forex trading-related digital educational products online. Here is an insight into the origins and success of this forex trading e-learning platform.

Established by forex industry gurus

Over the last couple of years, numerous online forex trading platforms have emerged, founded by unscrupulous entrepreneurs with no understanding of the forex trading segment and making all kinds of false claims to attract students. In contrast, IM Academy was launched in 2013 by several independent entrepreneurs, including Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry.

IM Academy have been top-notch forex industry professionals for decades. From the start, the company has had the vision to provide more people with top-quality forex trading education by making its platform more easily accessible by utilizing a subscription model. This forex trading e-learning platform has since grown to have close to 230,000 active subscribers taking its forex trading classes. On the legal and regulatory front, it’s a fully registered entity in the US with its headquarters in New York.

Outstanding educational products

IM Academy has had hundreds of thousands of students take its forex trading course since it started operations. This success can be traced to its outstanding educational products that enable students to advance their knowledge from newbie to guru in a straightforward way. It provides its lessons through “GoLive” interactive classes where students can ask questions and seek clarifications from the teachers. Additionally, there are prerecorded videos that allow the student to learn at their own pace. IM Academy also offers e-books that students can download and study during their free time to understand forex trading in-depth.Follow this page on Twitter, for additional information.


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