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Joseph Ashford, the Caring and Customer-Focused Entrepreneur

Joseph Ashford is the founder of the marketing company K4 Global based in London. He is an expert in finding financial investment solutions for small industries to accelerate the pace of their growth. He is an entrepreneur who cares and he runs the Butterfly Foundation to help children with a rare adverse health condition called EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa). K4 Global, the company founded by Joseph Ashford helps small businesses in a wide range of sectors including technology, service, media, and property grow by making wise financial investments and marketing strategies. Ashford runs the company based on a set of rules for all his employees. All employees are encouraged to work as a team for the good of  the company. They are asked to sharpen their communication skills and clearly understand the needs of clients and give them the best possible solutions. Ashford regularly communicates with his employees and helps them develop strategies to help customers succeed by achieving their goals.


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Joseph Ashford founded and supported the Butterfly Foundation in his endeavor to give back to the community. He started the charity after learning about a young boy with EB, Mason White. EB is a rare genetic disorder. Patients with EB have extremely fragile skin because the disorder prevents the production of proteins that connect the dermis and the epidermis. Minor friction is all it takes for patients with EB to develop painful blisters and sores. The focus of the foundation is to help and support children with EB by providing financial support for patients and fostering social awareness and education about the condition.

Joseph Ashford’s business acumen, unique marketing strategies and investment experience has helped many small business enterprises rapidly reach the next stage of growth. He also works to improve the quality of life of children with the rare genetic disorder EB or Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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