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Min-Liang Tan Success in the Gaming Business

Min-Liang Tan has become an undisputed business icon through his brands in global gaming. He worked as a lawyer but quit and became Razer CEO alongside his co-founder Krakoff in 2005. At the time, he didn’t have great aspirations but only wanted to augment their gaming. The aim gave rise to Razer’s products, especially the Bloomslang mouse designed to improve speed and precision. Their initial intention was to compete with other gamers. This company offers gaming hardware and software and a payments wallet.

Razer’s competitive spirit was sparked after the invention of the mouse and has been the drive for the company since it was founded. Min-Liang Tan said they could have stopped at making the mouse and hardware but decided to venture into software as the entire ecosystem. The company uses a brand slogan by gamers for gamers. He considers the slogan, views everything from a gamer’s perspective, and takes everything as a challenge. This company went public in 2017 when Min-Liang earned the title of Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Razer has always been focused on solving problems through real-time gaming strategy by working around available resources. It focuses on moving from one point to the other in the shortest time possible. It has expanded and has teams in 16 offices globally. Working at Razer is also considered fun for employees as it is for Min-Liang Tan. Having the company grow into a multibillion-dollar industry was always a dream for him, but efforts and teamwork have made it become a reality. He attributes growth to hard work and dedication, and the company aims at building a bank.

As the Co-founder and CEO of Razer Company, Min-Liang Tan directs and oversees the design and development of products. He was born in Singapore but resided in San Francisco. He had graduated from the National University of Singapore Law School and was practicing as a lawyer before quitting to start a gaming company.


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