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Trevor Edwards’s Environment Assisted in Shaping His Personality

Trevor Edwards, born in London in England on 1962 28th November, was raised in a Norbury suburb in South London. His father was initially an accountant but later worked in various other professions. His mother, on the other hand, was working as a nurse. Both his parents worked very hard to provide for their children. They tried to provide their children with whatever they wanted and needed. Trevor Edwards’s parents became his main inspiration. According to Trevor Edwards, they had a three-bedroom house that had apple trees and a garden. They grew lettuce and tomatoes at their home. Therefore, Trevor spent most of his time picking apples and raking the leaves.

Moreover, Trevor Edwards’s homestead was always lively and filled with happiness. He felt that his home environment shaped his personality to a greater extent, making him more confident about himself and what is most crucial to him. Moreover, his parents contributed to shaping his personality by permitting him always to speak what was on his mind. When he was thirteen years, his family relocated to Jamaica which he initially was not happy about. While here, he was annoyed due to his home place accent; however, he later started enjoying the differences concerning his novel culture.

The different cultures taught Trevor Edwards to view the world wholly from a distinct perspective. He later started loving Jamaica. While in high school, he excelled academically and displayed a specific aptitude towards foreign languages. Notably, he studied Latin, German, and French, which made him consider an interpreter career. He graduated from Baruch College based in New York and began his career in marketing.

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