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Data Systems International Integrates Cloud Inventory With Salesforce 

Data Systems International is a leader in developing innovative inventory management solutions for a variety of companies. It has recently announced that it will integrate its Cloud Inventory software with another type of software known as Field Inventory Management.

The company has formed a partnership with Salesforce in order to improve efficiency and outreach to more potential customers. Together, the two companies will focus on developing customer relationship management platforms. Both of these companies will now use Field applications to provide more accurate data on equipment, tools and inventory used to provide services and fulfill work orders.

Like Data Systems International, Salesforce is a company that specializes in providing cloud-based software that compliments enterprise applications for businesses in a variety of sectors. In an effort to further optimize the services side of its software applications, Salesforce has collaborated with Data Systems International to offer field applications. Together, the two companies can provide a cloud-based platform that is focused on mobile devices. Today, customers can use the software to keep better track of tools and inventory at every moment during the distribution process.

By using its new Cloud Inventory field applications, customers of Salesforce are able to make service orders and track essential items and labor through an easy to use application from a mobile device. With this new solution, technicians in the field can either complete or update a work order and its status through the use of the new application. The field application provides technicians with the ability to get customer responses more efficiently and in a timely manner.

Like Cloud Inventory software, Field Inventory Management is another solution that companies can use to better manage the process of overseeing supply chains and the distribution of their products. With this software, businesses can control all of the inventory that is either inside their facilities or outside of them. The software solution allows businesses to oversee the management of inventory, materials and assets. See related link to learn more.


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