Subtle Details about Betsy DeVos and Her Financial Donations

When Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for a position at the White House, she had to go through an interview process. During that time, American citizens who were not familiar with her philanthropic and political style learned about her family’s fortune and her stance on education.


Insiders have commented that she is unwilling to budge on her opinions of school choice. Her views on alternative education are in full display via her philanthropic donations. Through her website, she routinely discloses where her money is going.


In 2015, the site showed that the family donated nearly $12 million. That year, an international magazine rated their family as one of the top charitable foundations in the United States. It is believed that the family has donated in excess of $1 billion over the foundation’s life.


The family’s philanthropic style began with Dick and Betsy’s parents. Both operated businesses that became financial powerhouses in the state of Michigan. The legacy they left behind was inherited by Dick and Betsy as well as other family members.


To better understand the causes that are important to Betsy, one just has to take an in-depth look at her charitable acts. A few of them relate family alma maters, which is not unusual, but some think the donation to her husband’s high school was odd.


The family has defended the donations given to Dick’s aviation-themed school. They state that all of the organizations they donate to meet the IRS’s nonprofit standards. Others note that some of the groups they have contributed to are for-profit.


Most lawmakers and politicians in the District of Columbia were interested in how much and which political activities Betsy DeVos backed recently and in the past. It is no secret that she is part of the right-wing, but people in Washington wanted to see which Republican organizations captured her financial attention. Devos’ financial information is still posted on the web for all to review.


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