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Everything About 2022 Depends Entirely On The ‘Farm System’ And All Around It, Says SF Giants CEO Larry Baer

For many years, people in larger Bay area have known that whenever SF Giants CEO Larry Baer wants to do something, nothing can stop him especially if it concerns San Francisco Giants. Besides, the team has evidently seen many faces come and go. However, for more than two decades, many of those that live in the Bay area have been used to Larry Baer’s way of doing things. Whenever the SF Giants CEO is, all he wants is for the boys to get trophy after another.

Thankfully, SF Giants CEO has managed to do that. However, with the eruption of Covid-19, things have taken a snail’s pace not just for the San Francisco Giants’ boys alone but for everybody be it in the farm system or other sectors of the economy. In 2019, when SF Giants CEO took a flight to Las Vegas in search of quality deals, he preached the same sermon that he has been preaching all the years.

It is true that Larry Baer has seen deals of staggering amounts of money, something that throws things out of proportion. Nonetheless, Larry Baer’s leadership prowess has helped the farm system remain calm and focused.

For that reason, Larry Baer, the Giants CEO was optimistic when he was asked the kind of team, he things Oracle Park will bring forth when the 2022-basketball season starts. “The answer to that remains solely in the progress the farm system would have made,” Larry Baer said.

Zaidi’s three-year oversight on the boys, have seen San Francisco Giants hand out at least two deals valued at hundreds of millions. Besides, the team is yet to assure any player a $20-million or more deal. Some now say that with this happening at Oracle Park, there are chances that the team will go back to its old days when it would send millions out of their way. Read this article for more information.


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