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Peter Briger’s Impact on Fortress

The co-chairman and principal for the company Fortress, Peter Briger has built quite a career in today’s business world. Peter Briger has been with Fortress for more than fifteen years and currently is in charge of the Fortress Credit division. Under Peter Briger’s leadership, the company has had a tremendous amount of success. Briger himself has done quite well. Currently he’s a member of the Forbes 400, a list of top business professionals.

Peter Briger is a graduate of Princeton University where he earned a degree in business administration. He later continued his education by earning a master’s degree from the prestigious Wharton business school. He has spent the last decade and a half working himself up from a management committee member to his current position as co-chairman. Briger is also committed to working for the company Tipping Point, a non-profit group that helps low-income workers in the San Francisco area.

Briger’s group Fortress has had an amazing run during the last fifteen years. Founded in 1998, the company quickly began to grow after its formation. In 2014 the group was recognized as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” and “Management Firm of the Year.” The group has been recognized by major publications like the Institutional Investor and HFMWeek. As of the middle of 2016 the company had amassed more than seventy billion dollars in total assets.

Fortress has had the opportunity to work with a number of major companies over the last fifteen years or so. In 2006 they handled funds for Canadian ski resort operator Intrawest, North America’s largest ski resort operator. They have also worked with and managed funds for major groups like Abercrombie & Kent and RailAmerica Inc. Peter Briger has a lot to do with Fortress’s success. Outside of his work with Fortress he is dedicated to giving back to many philanthropic causes. He is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. He also works with the Council on Foreign Relations. This group is focused on educating the community on foreign policy issues.