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Min-Liang Tan Quits Law, Joins Robert Krakoff To Create A Remarkable Gaming Suite

Some things in life require one to make a bold move. That is a true story to one lawyer-turned businessman Min-Liang Tan. Back in those days, the Razer CEO would pass through a gaming parlor to enjoy playing a game or two with friends. However, after sometime, it dawned to Min-Liang Tan that the gaming mouse, which he had used for some time needed upgrading.

Min-Ling Tan was formerly a lawyer by profession. He gave up this in 2015 and founded the Razer gaming company. Razer has then seen a global appreciation earning Tan millions of dollars.

Tan also acquired the Malaysian virtual currency firm and he collaborated with SingTel and China’s that has seen his business rise on top of his competitors. He is also in the Forbes List of top 50 wealthiest people in Singapore.

Min-Liang Tan remembers that he could sit for many hours with his friend deliberating on the possibility of making the then gaming mouse better. After receiving motivation for his friend Robert Krakoff, it came a time for Min-Liang Tan to call it quit. He did not think twice when Tan got a chance to make things right. “I was sure I’d mess up things if i hesitated further. That is why when I got as chance, I decided to act quickly,” Min-Liang Tan said during an interview with CNBC.

During the interview, Min-Liang Tan who is the current CEO and founder of Razer said that their aim was not even to come up with a completely new product. If anything, Min-Liang Tan said, “At the back of our mind, all we wanted to do was to augment. Just that.

If the idea of creating new gaming software would come up later, that we don’t know. But when we decided, it was just to augment. However, we were aware of stiff competition the moment our friends would know we have a new product in the market. That we were prepared to handle it as it would come.”

With their minds fresh and unaltered, the duo came up with their debut product, which has so far attracted fierce competition from established gaming suite producers. Racer’s debut product was the Bloomslang Mouse. Thanks to the high-end engineering behind the software, the product is excellent in increasing gaming speed as well as precision. Go here for more information about Min-Liang Tan.


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