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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Success in the Fashion Industry

When Hawkers’ founders started operating the firm in 2013, they only had 300 dollars and a desire to own the largest company in the sunglasses industry. Just like most companies experience face challenges when starting up, the company was not an exception. However, the founders were determined to see it blossom and hence did everything possible to achieve that.

They ensured that their customers got quality sunglasses at fair prices to continue buying as they also introduced their peers to them. At one time, the firm’s production reduced, and it experienced losses. During that time, the company produced fewer products in demand, making the customers stay longer periods after making their orders and before delivery.

The company’s officials feared losing their valued customers, which made them collaborate with other firms hoping for better things. However, that never happened. At that point, the company’s founders hired Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to become the firm’s president. His amazing leadership abilities made the company become among the best in the sunglasses industry in the whole world.

Hawkers has for many years now led in selling high-quality products at fair prices to customers from different parts of the globe. Since many individuals love the company’s sunglasses, their purchases have enabled the company to continue thriving.

In 2018, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invested a huge chunk of money in developing the company. That made him the firm’s majority shareholder. Through his headship, Mr. Betancourt works on improving the firm by checking that it has enough finances at all times. In addition, he has used his leadership skills to Hawkers become leading in the manufacture and sale of sunglasses suitable for people of different social classes.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez worked with different suppliers in other countries to deliver the sunglasses within a short period. In addition, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez introduced social media for the marketing of the company’s items. As a result, the company has made more customers and sales by selling online, which has made it more famous across the globe. Refer to this article to learn more