Betsy DeVos Rallies Conservatives Around Education Reform

It isn’t hard to see that the current political climate showcases an America that is very divided down the middle. With people so far apart on both sides of the political spectrum, how can anything get done in Washington D.C.? Even with an outsider politician like President Trump in charge, there have to be other moving pieces that can work to get things done. For conservatives that are looking for someone to rally around, Betsy DeVos might just be the figure to follow. Betsy DeVos was nominated for the role of Secretary of Education and she was confirmed for the position after her Senate hearing which, admittedly, didn’t go as smooth as she might have hoped. Still, now in office, Betsy DeVos has the Presidential mandate to bring real, positive change to the education environment of America.


What Betsy DeVos will be targeting during her time in office is simple. Betsy DeVos wants to fundamentally shift the way that the government works in relation to school funding. Betsy DeVos has long been a champion of school choice and she has effectively managed to help spread it throughout much of the nation while working as a private citizen. Betsy DeVos came across the idea of school choice while reading the works of Milton Friedman. Friedman, like DeVos does now, believed that the role of government in the realm of public education should be a limited one. Betsy DeVos has taken his writings and brought them back into the public spotlight after nearly 50 years sitting dormant. With all of this being said, how can DeVos hope to bring this to fruition?


Betsy DeVos has always fashioned herself after the idea of her being a true reformer. DeVos is like a bulldog with an idea, once she sets her teeth in she is going to stay with it until the idea gets to where it needs to go. With school choice on the docket, Betsy DeVos will make a real push to bring school funding away from just public school environments and into other educational facilities such as private schools, charter schools, and Christian schools. Most importantly, Betsy DeVos is giving conservatives something to rally behind in an increasingly toxic political environment.


While it is true that Betsy DeVos is coming to Washington D.C. without any federal experience, it would be unfair to say that she hasn’t been prepared for the role. For the past 30 years or so, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been putting their personal time and money into helping school choice get real footing around the country. Thanks to their efforts, 250,000 students are already enrolled in school choice institutions. Betsy DeVos will surely hope that those numbers increase by leaps and bounds over the next couple of years.


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Alex Hern Sees A Future For Cross Reality

Virtual reality and other forms of interactive software are the current topics of our time. Tech innovators want to find ways to give us immersive new worlds. Alex Hern wants his new company to be the driving force behind this innovation. Tsunami VR is developing software with immersion in mind, and that immersion comes in different forms. Virtual reality is the most popular form of cross-reality technology, but there are other forms of cross-reality available. Augmented reality and mixed reality have something to offer as well. The software developers who unlock that potential will change how we interact with each other.

For Alex Hern, cross-reality software is a blank canvas. What cross-reality is going to be is up for debate, and software developers are going to determine how we will use the cross-reality software. Tsunami VR is marketing cross-reality to business professionals. While most VR software developers aim to entertain, a few entrepreneurs have different intentions for their product. Alex Hern wants to give business leaders new ways to communicate with their employees. He envisions conference meetings taking place in a virtual world. Professionals can meet each other in the same room remotely. It’s a bold idea with the potential to change our world.

If business professionals approve of Alex Hern’s idea, we’re going to see a different workplace in the future. Most businesses use messaging apps to communicate with each other. They prefer to stick to familiar methods, but Hern hopes he can change that with the right approach. A good businessman wants to get his point across as effectively as possible. When you talk to someone in person, they’re more likely to agree with you. Cross-reality is going to make it easier to conduct business remotely. That impact is going to change how we think of virtual reality in the coming years.

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Gareth Henry’s And His Investor Relations Career.

He joined a New York-based organization called Angelo, Gordon & Co, in 2016. The firm specializes in alternative investments. The company mainly operates in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. At the firm, he held the position of  Managing Director and was also tasked with ensuring that policies that promote good investor relations have been put in place in all the branches around the globe. Gareth Henry was to report to the organization’s president. The management at Angelo disclosed that he would also be a partner. During his tenure at Fortress Investment Group, he served as the head of investor relations. He has worked in many executive positions at different firms. Due to the many years he has spent as an investor relations expert, many organizations have seen him as a valuable team member due to his ability to meet the changing customer needs.

The management at Angelo focuses on giving value to the investors’ capital. With Gareth Henry as a team member, the organization hoped to improve its global competitiveness performance. According to Gareth, Angelo had earned a good reputation over the years due to the use innovative strategies and that has enabled it to have regular income even during unfavorable economic conditions. He expressed his excitement after joining the firm and said that he was ready to work together with the company’s talented personnel in achieving the organizational goals.

Gareth Henry helped Fortress Investment Group to increase its presence in places such as Europe, Canada, and Asia. He transformed the firm’s sales and marketing departments that had a positive impact on divisions such as credit, private equity, and fixed income ventures. Gareth Henry previously worked at a London-based firm called Schroders where he held the position of the director of strategic decisions. Earlier in his career, he served as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. He holds a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics from the Heriot-Watt University. He is a practicing actuary in both the U.S. and the United Kingdom. In 2014, he encouraged people to invest in Brazil as the country was hosting the World Cup and there would be a lot of opportunities.

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Equities First Holdings And Stock Based Loans.

Equities First Holdings is among the first lending institutions in the United States and the world to offer collateral based loans. These collateral based loans are provided by Equities First when the borrower puts up stocks they own as collateral.

This is about the option some borrowers have left to obtain a line of credit for their business. The big banks in the United States are putting tight restrictions on borrowers with less than perfect credit. These restrictions are making it difficult for some business owners to obtain credit for their company. Those banks that are offering credit to those borrowers with less than perfect credit are raising the interest rate.

The raised interest rate leaves the loan unrepayable for most borrowers. In steps Equities First Holdings with their loans that offer stock-based lines of credit to borrowers with less than perfect credit. The loans by Equities First have a fixed interest rate.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: Revolutionary Progress In Orthopaedics

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum holds the distinction of being the founder and executive member of MedScape Orthopaedics. MedScape was a company with a significant internet following which is now under the Web MD umbrella. Dr. Kirschenbaum currently serves as a consultant in orthopaedics to Stryker Corporation, as well.


One of the revolutionary progressions in surgical practices today can be attributed to Ira Kirschenbaum. This incredible doctor and inventor developed surgical instruments to be utilized in his area of specialization and honed these instruments until they could perform precisely as he needed to flawlessly complete his techniques. In fact, Kirschenbaum holds multiple trademarks and is responsible for numerous revolutionary inventions in the area of surgical instruments and information systems devoted specifically to the medical field.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum created a ground-breaking new alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery. While conventional knee replacements have been done by much harsher methods than the one Dr. Kirschenbaum most often employs, there are fantastic reviews being given for this cutting-edge new version. The new method allows for less trauma to the surgical area and a considerable reduction in the amount of time needed for post-surgical rehabilitation. Of course, the new method is not suitable for every situation in which a total replacement is recommended at this point; however, it has certainly come a long way and is indisputably helpful when this technique is a good fit.


Dr. Kirschenbaum received his education initially from Brown University where he graduated with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude. Following Brown, Kirschenbaum became a proud graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His career began to take form following an internship in General Surgery when he performed a fellowship of research in the aging of joints and cartilage. He continued his directed study of joints and cartilage at a wide variety of other prestigious institutions and has made a brilliant career of that focus.


Neurocore Utilizes Neurofeedback to Treat Depression

The brain is more of a complex structure that is not easily comprehensible. Nevertheless, scientists have been embarking on various forms of research that are geared towards understanding how the brain works. Since the brain is capable of processing perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and even behaviors.

Background Information

Since the brain is made up of neurons, the neurons, in turn, allow a person to feel, think, process various forms of information, and to feel. As of now, scientists have only been able to understand the basics that revolve around how the human brain functions. With that said, researchers have gone ahead and formulated advanced forms of technology such as neurofeedback, EEG technology, and brain mapping.

As technology advances, organizations such as Neurocore have been working towards using the various discovered concepts to treat mental health problems such as anxiety, ADHD, depression, among other ailments. With that said, Neurocore has been making use of a technique known as Neurotherapy to treat the various patients who have succumbed to the various mental disorders.

About Neurotherapy

For those who may not be knowledgeable about Neurotherapy, this is a technique that involves the use of the brain’s electrical measurements to make sure that the brain is able to self-regulate. With that said, Neurotherapy is often used to treat mental disorders among them being depression.

Using Neurotherapy to Treat Depression

Depression occurs sequentially. With time, depression becomes more severe, which is why such an ailment should be treated soonest possible. Since statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health also showcase that the number of people suffering from depression in the United States is quite high, seeking a suitable cure for this ailment has become a major priority for various institutes that offer healthcare services among them being Neurocore.

In the past, depression was being treated through techniques such as the use of psychotherapy and also the administration of antidepressants. Since technology has been evolving rapidly, depression is now cured through the use of neurofeedback. Neurocore is among the organizations that are making good use of neurofeedback to help patients get rid of depression. As for Neurocore, they map the patient’s brainwaves through the EEG technology. After that, the patients’ depression symptoms are measured through various forms of assessment, and the treatment is administered accordingly.

The Journey Of Fortress Investment Group LLC

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a leading publicly-owned global investment manager with a wide variety of investments estimated to be worth $70 billion or more in assets. Founded in 1998, Fortress has more than 1600 institutional clients in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Italy, and Hong Kong.

It became the first private equity firm to go public in 2017 to prevent making any major losses. It acquired CWCapital in 2010 to get its share of the lucrative commercial real estate market. The investments have grown even further over the years allowing them to purchase Alabama’s Inverness Corners retail center and many other outlets in New York City. Their core mandate includes capital markets, asset-based investing, corporate merger and acquisitions, operations management, credit, and liquid markets.

For over two decades, Fortress Investment Group has gained great experience in managing mergers. It has also recruited personnel that understands the intricate business of investment. They have also developed crucial relationships. The group has developed great expertise in various areas of operations management. Fortress has learned how to make the most of investments too. Their approach shines in categories such as appraising strategy, operational, and structural aspects of any investment.

Fortress Investment Group recently went into partnership with iPass, a global leader in connectivity options. The deal totaled $20 million. Gary Griffith, iPass CEO was delighted about the deal because it made more funds available to his organization to get back on the road of profitability. The deal secured all significant assets in the iPass patent portfolio, including Smart Connect technology.

The deal was brokered by Riley Financial, Inc., which specializes in four segments; valuation and appraisal, capital markets, auction and liquidation, and principal investments. The company is well-thought of in financial markets for its in-depth equity research. Fortress’ operations are now divided into three major categories; private equity firm, credit, and permanent capital vehicles sections. The credit was started in 2002 by Mr. Peter Briger, a co-founder and one of the principal leaders of the company. It comprised of the Fortress real estate opportunity fund and the Fortress Japan Opportunity fund. Also included was the Fortress Credit opportunity funds and Drawbridge special opportunities. Fortress Investment Group has specialized in undervalued assets and illiquid credit investments. The private equity division specializes in generating revenue from investments in North America, the Caribbean, and Western Europe.

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Gareth Henry: Changing Roles and Moving Up

It’s been announced by Angelo, Gordon & Co, an alternative investment firm out of New York, that Gareth J. Henry will join them as a managing director and global head of investor relations. Before this offer, Henry held the job of Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Investment Group. This was among the company’s business dealings in the liquid markets. Henry will be supervised by Lawrence M.v.D. Schloss, who leads Angelo, Gordon & Co as their president and partner.

He has made it known that Gareth, who is an astute season executive, maintains impressive experience regarding investor relations all around the world. He is noted with diligently assisting investors and successfully attending to their needs. Henry’s large network of global relationships allow Schloss’ growing firm to continue building on investor relations on a broad spectrum that the firm has established within the Europe, Asia and United States market.

Schloss continued stating that by bringing Gareth Henry on board they strengthen their world-class team that they put together at Angelo, Gordon while delivering strong performances for their investors.

Gareth Henry provided his take on Angelo, Gordon by hoping to continue with their superior reputation when it comes to delivering strong returns up against strategies and market cycles. He is highly excited to join the firm and looks forward to joining forces with the numerous team of investor relations and expert investment professionals. While Gareth Henry worked hard in the capacity as the Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress’ liquid markets, he help the team of specifically focus on clients embedded in the Middle East and Asia, Europe, Canada in the United States. Prior to this particular work, Gareth Henry was the head of International Investor relations for the Fortress Group while doing his work in London.

In this capacity, he was very instrumental in implementing and creating sell strategies to build consulting and institutional relationships throughout fortresses many business areas such as private equity, credit, fixed income and hedge funds.

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How Neurocore Is Revolutionizing Treatment For Mental Disorders

The brain is a fantastic organ that controls the central nervous system. Aside from that, it is resilient and in charge of controlling thoughts, behaviors, as well as emotions. The brain is also made of millions of neurons that utilize chemical signals to monitor electrical activity in nerves. As such, the neurons allow humans to think, function as well as process different complicated information including pain and happiness. Through the inner workings of the brain, we get to comprehend how the brain functions. Today, scientists have done extensive research to come up with conclusive reports on how to unlock the mysteries of the brain.

How the Brain Operates

If you have taken a course in psychology, then you probably understand that the brain is controlled by nerve cells. They use electrical impulses to send messages to each other. If your brain is functional, it implies that the neurons are communicating among themselves. Even though the operation of the brain is still a broad subject that requires extensive study, researchers understand that brain waves can be studied through electroencephalogram, also abbreviated as EEG.

Breaking it down

There are plenty of advances in the EEG technology and brain mapping as well as neurofeedback. The three segments of studies have developed over the past few years, and they are now giving our researchers a clear understanding of how the brain functions. They are also indicative of the measures that can be placed in order to improve functioning. A company like Neurocore is applying its knowledge to better mental acuity as well as treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Even though some neurotherapeutic applications have been offered to the industry of research, they have developed an exceptional history and culture of handling brain-related issues.

Key Highlights

The EEG program is prominent for detecting the brain’s electrical activity. It uses a non-invasive disc called an electrode. The electrode is then placed on the patient’s scalp in order to pick the electrical impulse.

Neurocore Center

Neurocore offers you experience based on your personal brain data. The feedback, as well as biofeedback sessions, utilize your brain’s ability to transition its neuroplasticity. With the input, you will be asked to watch a movie as the technician monitors your brain speed within the range.

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Getting Your Body Sculpted By Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

If you are in the Dallas area and are looking to get any form of cosmetic surgery done, look up Dr. Rod J. Rohrich. He is the doctor you need to perform your surgery. Nationwide, this doctor comes with high recommendations. Not only is he a best plastic surgeon but also a professor in the craft.

Dr. Rohrich knows what he is doing and provide with the results you are looking for. You will be happy with his work. The good doctor has been in business a long time and has also been on talk shows where he is explaining the process of plastic surgery. Having your work done by him will yield you the best results that no other doctor in his craft can give. Dr. Rohrich has been featured in several magazines and has earned some very amazing awards. People know him all over the nation and possibly the world. The doctor has changed countless lives in the process. We can bet that this is something he is proud of.

Looking at the services that Dr. Rohrich offers, we can see that there are several. They are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and facelifts. He also does neck lifts as well. For the breast enhancement, a patient can get either silicone or saline implants. They provide a very natural look. As far the rhinoplasty which is just another name for nose job, your breathing canals are restructured to help you breath easy along with having a reshaped nose. Facelifts include tightening and filling in the face for a youthful appearance. The next will get a lift too, in order to compliment the face.

So book your appointment with Dr. Rohrich now. Don’t hesitate because you will love the results. He will be happy to have stop by.

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