New Drone Detecting Technology Created By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies does not stop creating and patenting new technological advancements in the safety and security field and this latest technology is being implemented in trial runs to keep the skies clear of drones over penal facilities. Drone detection technology is steadily becoming a growing need in the penal systems as outside parties try more and more to deliver contraband such as drugs and cell phones to inmates inside the facilities for distribution. This technology works through a digital antenna structure similar to Securus’ Wireless Containment System. So far tests of the new system have been very effective in blocking drones from reaching their prospective targets.


This latest technology has been 18 months in the making and Securus has stated that the drone detection technology has been improving with every testing of the equipment. Securus has partnered with several outside companies in the engineering involved with the drone detection software and weakness are being fixed quickly. Securus Technologies is headquarter in a new state of the art building in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies provides safe inmate communications services to 1,200,000 inmates on a daily basis as well as provides safety and security services to 3500 facilities across the nation. Securus specializes in these areas: government pay services, biometric analysis, emergency response, information management, incident management, safety and security systems, inmate self service, and investigation. To read more about the new drone detecting services that will be offered by Securus Technologies, please click here.


Meet Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: As co-founders of the Phoenix New Times, they have had important things to about the former Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have first-hand experience — and scathing opinions to boot — about Joe Arpaio, a political figure who was the former sheriff of Maricopa County, which is located in Arizona. Joe Arpaio — who U.S. District Judge, Susan R. Bolton formally validated as having being pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2017 — brought the law down on Larkin and Lacey a little more than a decade earlier.

Under Lacy and Larkin’s tutelage at Phoenix New Times, they uncovered and exposed — rather profusely — many scandals involving Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Some of these scandals exposed important abuses and unconstitutional actions involving Joe Arpaio during his 24-year reign as Maricopa County’s sheriff.

Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling brought closure to the final chapter of the Sheriff Arpaio chronicle, which, over ten years ago, involved the arrest of Michael Lacy, co-owner of the Phoenix New Times, and fellow co-owner, Jim Larkin.

Both men were taken from their homes in cuffs on October 18, 2007, by sheriff’s detectives in plainclothes.

Both Larkin and Lacey were noted to have been charged with misdemeanors for revealing grand jury secrets published in an article by the Phoenix New Times.

The law that they were charged with breaking involved an existing order that protects the reputations of the accused in a court of law.

However, the arrests of Larkin and Lacey received a large public outcry almost immediately. The level of outrage over both men’s arrests was felt across both political and cultural spectrums.

Less than 24 hours after being arrested, Lacey and Larkin’s arrests were addressed at a news conference held by Andrew Thomas, the then acting attorney of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Attorney Thomas noted that the arrests of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were improper, and that the case be closed. As a result of these inappropriate arrests made by Arpaio’s detectives, Lacey and Larkin sued. The board of supervisors voted to award them a $3.75 million settlement in the latter part of 2013. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The $3.75 settlement voted on by the board of supervisors regarding Larking and Lacey’s suit was seen an paltry compared to the lawsuit, Melendes v. Arpaio. This current court case has been noted to have cost Maricopa County citizens $70 million. And that number tally was based on current legal costs as of November, 2017.

Once college dropouts of Arizona State University, Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin seized upon a campus paper – born out of the vitriol over four Kent State University killings – which they ended up turning into a coast-to-coast franchise.

With Larkin as CEO of Village Voice Media, and Lacy as the executive director, they worked out a deal to sell off the franchise to Voice Media Group in 2013. At its apex, Village Voice Media consisted of 17 publications, which included its New York City moniker.

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The Music World in Association with Clay Hutson

The music industry needs a person who is focused and ready to go an extra mile to accomplish their goals. With technology, the music industry has become very competitive, and new designs pop out on a daily basis. Clay Hutson is a music producer who has been very vibrant in ensuring his clients get the best they can get. He is behind the multiple successful performances that have been held in the United States.

Clay Hutson understands the needs of his clients and is ready to incorporate what they love and what will make them rich. He began his company during a recession period that adversely affected the firm that he was working for at the time. Instead of searching for a new employer, he decided it was time to begin his company. Clay says that he believes this is the best decision he ever did in his life.

Clay Hutson is an excellent Tour Manager and works to see that the trips of the clients are well planned and successful. He wakes up early and gets to the venue of the event at 6:30 a.m. He organizes the crew and confirms everything is set to place. He says that what is done before the event is what determines the success of the occasion. Clay Hutson work does not end here, during the event, Clay is busy making a schedule for the crew to follow after the event.

One of the factors that contribute to the success of Clay Hutson is his ability to evaluate all the possible outcomes of every action. He says that one mistake in an event can destroy his name and reputation, and that is not something any investor want to happen. He, therefore, revises his plan and strategies over and over again to be sure he takes the right move.

Clay Hutson is a natural planner. He says that when he is traveling, he has to plan everything including the small details of his journey. He says that the power of small details is underrated; the things that people ignore are what end up messing them up. For Clay Hutson, he has to have all things planned.

In hindsight, it is easy to find so much that one would have done differently from the way they did in the past. For Clay, he could ensure he handled everything with honesty even when it wasn’t pleasant to others. He could also keep family before all along. Learn more:

Robert Ivy and the AIA Design a Healthier Future

     Robert Ivy is a master architect and the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. He has committed himself professionally as well as the AIA to improving public health. Currently, the American Institute of Architects is in the middle of a ten-year commitment to creating designs and solutions for public health problems in cities. Robert Ivy and the AIA believe in putting human and environmental health as the central focus in design over pure aesthetic.

There are many ways that cities are using architecture and planning to improve public health. In Cleveland, Ohio, MetroHealth Medical Center has been designing a health-focused program for the surrounding community as well as making improvements to their campus. Along with the school-based health clinics and sourcing local produce for food initiative, they have also been improving local parks, trails, and fitness centers. In Manhattan, a once abandoned elevated rail line is now a busy park with views of the Hudson River. The Highline includes walking trails, social areas, and a botanical garden. The spot runs through the Chelsea neighborhood and attracts locals and tourists.

34% of people in the United States are obese while 34% are currently overweight. More concerningly, around 17% of children are obese and that number is rising. The reason behind most of the obesity epidemic is simply poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

The rate of depression is also skyrocketing and the two statistics may be related to each other. One of the ideas architects and public health officials to curb depression is to incorporate more natural lighting into buildings, especially public schools. This helps improve concentration and can improve mental health.

Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi and graduated from Tulane University in 1976. He earned a Master’s in Architecture and was a member of the architectural fraternity Tau Sigma Delta. A cum laude graduate, he earned a bachelor’s in English from the University of the South.

From October of 1996 to February of 2011, Robert Ivy was with McGraw Hill and was the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. The Architectural Record was the top architectural journal in the world and earned dozens of awards and recognitions during his time at McGraw Hill. Robert Ivy has been with the American Institute of Architects since February of 2011. The AIA and Ivy have the vision to design for a more sustainable and healthy future.

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The Business Acumen And Philanthropy Of Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries Ltd, based in Houston, Texas, owes its success to Tony Petrello its Chairman of the Board, president and CEO who because of his comprehension of the oil and gas industry and the complex issues involved in the industry today. Tony was not born into wealth and has become the success he is through his intelligence and hard work. Nabors Industries is the world’s largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor largely because of Tony’s leadership.

Nabors has operations in the Middle East, the Americas and the Far East and furnishes support services for offshore and onshore drilling and well servicing.

Because of his genius talent as a mathematician, he won a full to Yale University. In 2006 he established an endowment for an annual prize at Yale in honor of the venerated Yale math professor Serge Lang who had passed away in September 2005. He has two degrees in mathematics from Yale and a JD from Harvard Law School. His experience in law has enabled Tony to guide Nabors Industries through the complex regulations that impacts the oil and gas industry.

Tony Petrello’s daughter, Carena, was born with a neurological disease, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), and developed cerebral palsy which has motivated Anthony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, to support research at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute into children’s neurological maladies at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Houston was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and Nabor Industries employees took time off from work to aid in recovery efforts. The company gave them paid time off to help wherever they were needed. A fund was set up called Nabors Disaster Relief Fund and Tony Petrello as CEO matched the contributions of Nabors employees. The company also provided three hot meals a day to local families.

Recently, Broadway star Tommy Tune spent time in Houston, his hometown and was invited to The Petrello’s home to their estate for a party with about 50 guests and Miller Outdoor Theater advisory board members. Tommy had returned to Houston to appear at the Miller Outdoor Theater in “Tommy Tune Tonight”.


Going Through The Fagali’I Airport To Get To The City Of Apia

Landing at the Fagali’I Airport is a feeling of excitement for many. The thought of being just minutes away from diving into the numerous activities of the city of Apia and gaining a lasting impression to take back home to friends and family is one worth cherishing.

With Apia’s attractions, such as but not limited to: beaches, volcanoes, museums, jungle adventures and much more, visitors are in for a fun-filled experience that the entire family can love. The Fagali’I Airport is a great jumpstart airport to get visitors going for the ultimate Apia experience.

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The Fagali’I Airport is a very small airport, but is sufficient in resources and accommodations. A store is made available for visitors to purchase an array of items – sodas, waters, chips, candies, magazines and souvenirs of sought. If this store isn’t sufficient enough for visitors, a market right across the street is made available with an even broader and more extensive range of items. For visitors that only holds foreign cash, made available is a currency exchange to convert cash into Samoan Tala. A friendly, proficient and well-informed staff is available at all time to attend to any and all inquiries.

Accommodations are made available, such as those of transportation and hotels. Buses, shuttles and taxis are at a visitor’s demand to take them anywhere in the beautiful city of Apia according to The airport is just within a few miles of a thriving economy of opportunity, much broader than its store located on the inside or the market across the street. Samoan foods, snorkeling, museums, hiking tours, a Samoa cultural village and more are just outside the airport and within miles of many reasonably priced hotels, such as Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Taumeasina Island Resort and Le Alaimoana Hotel and Samoan Outrigger Hotel according to

Book your flight to Apia today! There are upcoming flights leaving Paris, London, Madrid and other locations going into the Fagali’I Airport. Check available flight times and dates today!


Ronald Fowlkes’s Love of Law Enforcement and Hockey

Ronald Fowlkes is a former member of the United States Military. From 1989-1993 he served in the Marines and then went on to provide assistance in government contracting. He later went on to serve in a couple of police departments in the St. Louis area. He is now a leader among FireSpear, a company that produces military grade gear and equipment for local law enforcement.


Fowlkes is the Manager of Business of Development at Eagle Industires, the parent company of FireSpear. Fowlkes says he first heard about the company during his time spent in the military: all of the highest quality gear he wore was made by them. It was due to Fowlkes’ involvement in military and law enforcement that made it possible for him to join the team at FireSpear.


FireSpear creates the highest quality and most trusted vests, helmets, holsters, among other things.


During an interview Fowlkes was asked about his favorite book that has influenced his career and Fowlkes recommended “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell. The book goes into detail about several struggles by the military community to maintain the freedoms of the American citizens.


In the interview, Fowlkes was asked about the future of his industry. Fowlkes expressed interest in moving towards a lighter piece of gear that doesn’t sacrifice purpose and quality. He says that their plan is to provide its clients with the highest quality possible and to do that they must continue to innovate.


Even though Fowlkes and FirstSpear do trade shows and participate in marketing plans, he says that their number one way of gaining clients is through word of mouth. When a police officer trusts his life with one of FirstSpear’s pieces of equipment, he wants to keep his friends and partners safe as well. If the product is good, people will advertise for you.


Fowlkes has other interests as well. To conclude the interview he said that he enjoys coaching a young hockey league in his home down. Fowlkes also writes news posts about the NHL and other hockey games on his personal blog.


At the beginning of the year, Fowlkes briefly spoke about major news in the sports world: North Korea and South Korea were teaming up for the Winter Olympics. For the first time since the two countries split, went to war, then enter into one of the longest cease-fires in history, North and South Korea are cooperating. Even if it is only a hockey game, this is major news for diplomacy between the two Koreas.


Daniel Taub Visits a United Kingdom City

The United Kingdom and Israel have a long history of international cooperation. Many United Kingdom officials have supported the Jewish state.

However, recently relations between the two states have become a bit strained. This is in part to remarks by a local official in Great Britain. George Galloway is the MP for the Bradford West area. In one speech, Galloway called Bradford an “Israel free zone.”

It is understandable that Israeli officials and others responded with great alarm. One person who felt completely alarmed at his remarks is Daniel Taub. As a high official in the Israeli government, he understandably sought to investigate this part of the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub wants to show that Israel regards such remarks with deep seated concern. He and his fellow Israelis have sought to reach out to the community of Bradford. In an effort to find out how locals feel, Daniel Taub decided to come visit Bradford and speak to locals.

His decision to spend time here came about after he was invited by officials in the community. He wanted to see for himself what area community members are thinking about Israel even after Galloway’s ill considered commentary about their community.

The Real Voice

He spend time in the city walking around. In doing so, he received a vastly different impression than might be gleaned by the comments of Galloway. As he strolled the streets here, he had the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

While there was tight security during his visit, this did not prevent him from going away with a highly favorable impression of the residents here. His goal is to help promote inclusion with all residents here no matter their religion or ethnic origins.

As a result of his visit here, he is confident that Israelis and residents of Bradford can work together in the future to help overcome any misconceptions that might exist about either place. In his opinion all conflicts are not between religious sects in the Middle East.

Instead, he believes they are as a result of those who cling to the past and those who embrace the future. He hopes to do more to reach out to those who agree with him about the need to move forward in the area as relations change and nations grow. He also hopes to help promote a sense of partnership between the two communities.

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Sussex Health Care, Best In United Kingdom

     Sussex Health Care is a senior home that is dedicated to providing excellent care to elder adults located throughout the entire United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care has a total of 20 locations. The nursing home has been performing well under the leadership of Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. These two leaders have a long history with the medical field and they know exactly what is needed to provide effective child care. Sussex Health has been in business for over 20 years now. Sussex Health Care has been helping the United Kingdom become a better place for the elderly.

Even though the need for senior care has been increasing, the amount of independent caregivers have been decreasing throughout the country. Many caregivers are ending their careers due to the amount of physical work that being a caregiver demands. Caregivers have been starting to feel like they are not being paid enough for the amount of work that they are being requested to do. Sussex Health Care has been succeeding at find quality caregivers to provide exceptional care to their residents. Even though the overall popular in independent caregivers have been decreasing, Sussex Health Care’s employee roster has been increasing along with the amount of facilities that they own.

Sussex Health Care has been providing their caregivers with excellent pay and training which keeps them motivated and ready to perform their jobs. Sussex Health Care makes sure that all of their employees have received proper training and education to ensure that they are qualified for the job. Sussex Health Care is accredited and licensed with some of the best affiliations within the United Kingdom.

Sussex Health Care provides most age related senior health problems. Sussex Health Care recently added the care of audiology to their list of services. Their audiology department even provides prospective patients with an online hearing assessment to ensure that they actually have hearing problems. Even though audiology is the newest service to Sussex, they have already received amazing feedback. In addition, they also provide day care for adults who are not able to be completely independent. Sussex Health Care is defiantly one of the best senior care homes located throughout the entire country.

See, Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents.

Inside the World of Hassain Sajwani

Few individuals in the Arab world have been as phenomenally successful as Hussain Sajwani, otherwise known fondly as, “the Donald of Dubai,” indeed he has not just been one of the single most successful men in the Middle East, but he has also had one of the most varied careers in the whole of the modern real-estate industry. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Celebfamily and The Rise and Rice of Damac

Mr. Sajwani was fortunate to have a industrious father who instilled in him a interest in the world of business from a very early age.

After moving from his father’s imported goods shop, Hussain Sajwani moved into the field of oil and gas by garnering a job with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries whilst he was simultaneously working towards a degree at the University of Washington in the United States of America; a monumental task of plate-spinning for even the exceedingly industrious.

After leaving Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Sajwani set about taking the business skills he had learned from the industry and incorporate those skills with what he had learned in America to create his own company, a food delivery enterprise geared towards military personnel.

Later, in 2002, Sajwani would create the company DAMAC properties, for which he is, perhaps, best known today.

DAMAC was a real-estate company which utilized new laws emergent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to market almost exclusively to foreigners and in short order the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange (the first ever Middle Eastern real-estate company to be thus listed).

More recently, Mr. Sajwani has received a good deal of press in western publication for his close working relationship and friendship with former real-estate mogul, reality television star and current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump first began their business relations in 2013 (before he was elected as president) to create two massive TRUMP brand golf courses.

Mr. Sajwani currently lives with his family in the Dubai with his loyal wife and four children.